Really, it's good on anything...

In Sunflower, AL, Jimmy Brown created a signature sauce and marinade handcrafted with 32 years of experience, bottled, perfected and served at your dinner table. An extraordinary sauce made for drizzling, dipping, marinating and dashing. Whether it’s smoked ribs, garden salad, or Mama’s mac n’ cheese, put it on whatever you want, boss.


Your kitchen deserves the incomparable flavor of Jimmy Brown's Sauce & Marinade. It truly is a cure-all for whatever meal you're cooking. Grill with it, saute with it, bake with it, drizzle it, baste it, brine it - you name it, you can do it with Jimmy Brown's.

We promise every order delivered will make smiles around the dining room table or backyard patio. Don't forget to tell us how you cook with Jimmy Brown's on social media with #BossBrownSauce. Thank you and enjoy!

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